Sunday, January 25, 2009

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Along with trains (mostly of the Thomas the Tank Engine variety), Ethan his becoming enthralled with dinosaurs. Each night he will ask, "Mama, where do Dinosaurs live? By the volcano?". Now this is a tough one. How do you explain extinct to a (nearly) 3 year old? Do I want to start using the word dead with him? So, I simply say, "They are at the museum, Babe. Well, their bones are.". Nightly we have this conversation and nightly he asks if we can go see them. We finally did.....
Here is Ethan in the parking lot getting that being watched feeling.

We got out the door kind of late on Sunday and I was worried about him missing his nap for a trip to the museum but it all worked out and he behaved beautifully. I suppose because it was something he was interested in. Of course when you want to go see the dinosaurs at the museum, they start you out in a "beginning of time" sort of exhibit which Ethan was totally uninterested in. Unless there were buttons to be pushed, flaps to be lifted or pages to be turned.

He endured a little of this section before we made a B line for the dino kids corner. We put together a puzzle, read a few books and played with some puppets before moving on to the Main Event.

Ethan and I wanted to see how we measured up against "Rex" as Ethan calls T. Rex. Apparently I only come up to the beast's knees and Ethan mid-shin. Good thing these guys are extinct, our little family wouldn't have a chance!

Mostly he ran around distracted by the enormity of all the dinosaurs but occasionally he would ask me, "Mama, what this say?" and I was able to read to him WITH his attention.

There are loads more exhibits than just the Dinos (obviously) at the Museum so we decided to go check out the animals. Here is Ethan trying to get the Zebra's attention....

Josh doesn't much care for trying out the games and stuff but I love to participate with Ethan. Here we are seeing just how far we can jump compared to some animals. I don't quite remember where I rank in the scheme of things but I'm sure there are loads of creatures out there who could beat me at the long jump!

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