Saturday, April 11, 2009

Three already? For Real???

Yep, he has turned three! There were days I didn't think we'd survive but here we are, 1,095+ days later! * OK, for those of you who know Ethan's birthday is actually February 13th, you are right...he's 3 years and 2 months old * Three is interesting. He is the most fun he's ever been and some days the most challenging and frustrating. One would think that because he can communicate to you that he can also reason....not the case. Ah well, I suppose that is part of the whole thing, isn't it?

I've included a few pictures here of his 3rd Birthday party. We had friends over for cake and gifts then it was off to the Monster Truck Jam with Daddy and a few friends!

A few really great things about Ethan:

he is nearly potty trained. YIPPEE!

he is going to Pre-School and loves it. YIPEE!

he says things like, "Not funny." when you do something he doesn't like.

he still loves Thomas the Tank Engine.

he loves to help bake and cook.

he loves to dance and sing (current favorites are songs created/sung by Daddy).

he loves to paint, color or do crafts.

he can walk all the way to the park and back by himself (about 1 mile there/back).

he loves to play with the neighborhood kids, Star Wars is his current favorite.

he can knows how to use a computer (playing games like Fireman Sam and Thomas).

he loves his Arbonne at night (lotion and oil).

he says his "L's" like "Y's" and "W's" so he says, "I yike that." and "Wittle" so friggin' cute.

he can dress/undress himself (so what if his pants are backwards sometimes).

he knows the value of work (he's earning change towards a new train, Murdoch).

he is the most loving he's ever been.

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