Saturday, September 12, 2009

Visit to Santa 2008

Scanning through our pictures, trying to catch up on this here blog, I realized I left out our visit to Santa last year. Yowzers! What a thing to leave out.

Last year we made the trek to Cherry Creek Mall for Santa pictures. We wanted to do the North Pole again but it was WAY too cold!! We were in for a real treat at Cherry Creek though! The theme was Polar Express, a great Christmas family movie that Ethan loves.

We got there early hoping to avoid a long line...didn't work out so well. I think we waited for somewhere around 2 hours before we saw Santa. The nice part about it was there was so much to look at while waiting.

There were several giant snowglobes set up with different scenes in them, all about The Polar Express. One held an engine compartment where he could push buttons, pull ropes, turn wheels and make all sorts of train noises. Some of the noises were too loud and scared him but he still had fun. There were other small snowglobes with some of the characters from the book/movie in them with buttons to push and hear some of their lines.

MY favorite part was walking through a setting of snow covered trees and hills while "snow" fell. ETHAN'S favorite part was throwing the "snow" that had landed on the ground.

Of course, about 10 minutes before we got to see Santa, Ethan spilled his hot chocolate on himself. Being the unprepared Mom I usually am, I didn't bring a change of clothes for him. Luckily, you couldn't tell in the photos.

Ethan still didn't want to be alone with Santa. Understandably so....forcing a child into the arms of a man they only see once a year seems a bit harsh. Josh and I happily sat with Ethan while Santa took a spot behind us for the photo. Thanks for your flexibility St. Nick!

We also got to have a picture taken on the back of the Polar Express!!

I think we will return to Cherry Creek Mall this year for our visit with Santa. Hopefully this year, Ethan will warm up to the Big Guy.

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Jessica said...

Cute family pictures. Looks like a beautiful place to hang out for the holidays.