Monday, February 15, 2010

4 years ago today

February 15th, 2006 we brought Ethan home from the hospital.  We had to stay for 2 days because he was jaundiced and not nursing well.  Once he figured out the whole latching on thing, we were able to bring him home.


Over the years he has only grown cuter......

 First Birthday

  Second Birthday

  Third Birthday

This year we wanted our Colorado Family with us on his big day (again).  After a little mingling, and some Jango Fett cake made by yours truly.....


it was time for gifts.  This boy was showered! He got more gifts for his birthday than he did for Christmas! Thank you all!! Some of his reactions were very candid "I didn't want this" (to a Candy Land game from Godmama -not his but that's what we call her- Deb).  Then some screams of joy when he opened Mrs. Paula's gift of a Hot Wheels play set! Then, it was time for some more fun.

Josh and Uncle Andrew set up a Nerf War in the neighbor's yard and we had a blast shooting each other! 

Here is Ethan coming down from capturing the flag!

Ethan and his bud Tavin

It was pretty cold and breezy so after one or two rounds, Ethan went inside to play with his toys with one or two of his buddies.  

Great fun was had by all.  Thank you all for coming and celebrating Ethan's birthday with us!

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