Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby ?? Barcklay

After a few months of trying, Josh and I became pregnant with baby #2 in April.  This little one is due January 6th, 2011! After waiting until the birth with Ethan, I decided with the second I would like to know the sex before with any future kids.

One of our friends (Amanda) had seen a cool idea for how one of her acquaintances found out the sex of their baby.  I liked the sound of it so I adopted the idea before we were even pregnant! The hard part was waiting another few hours after the ultrasound! Here's how it worked:

A day or two before our ultrasound, Amanda baked essentially 3 cakes.  One pink, one blue, one both colors.  At our ultrasound we told the technician we wanted to find out the sex but we would like her to write it down on a card, seal it in an envelope and not tell us.  We passed the envelope to Amanda a bit later in the day and she went about frosting the appropriate colored cake for the gender that was on the card.

12:45 was the ultrasound, we weren't going to find out the gender until 7:00 p.m.-the waiting was kind of hard but not too bad.  Our friends came over around 7 (a few minutes late...I think they were trying to torture me just a bit longer) and after a few minutes we cut into the cake brought over.  A PINK cake!! I teared up and laughed.  I so wanted a baby girl.  I thought I was having a girl but I couldn't tell if that was me just REALLY wanting a girl or truly feeling it.  

Let me tell ya, the deck was stacked against me.  Supposedly the man "decides" gender.  Well, Josh is one of 4, 3 of those are boys.  His dad? One boy, one girl.  His grandfather? 5 boys.  Me? 6 girls, 2 boys.  Andrew and Josh were betting against a girl from the get-go.  

Ethan thought there were twins in my belly (my little sister, Lizabeth just had twin boys).  Twins were definitely not out of the realm of possibilities since my little sister Lizabeth is one of twins, and she and one of my other sisters, Brittany, have given birth to twins as well! As far as we can tell there is only ONE baby in there.  Thank goodness.

So for now I need to get what is now my craft room cleaned up so that I can sew for Baby Girl Barcklay and also clear it out to make room for our sweet little Girl.  

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Melanie on the Run said...

I am so excited for you!! (we all are!) Gonna start going through all the stuff I have for your little lady on the way!!