Sunday, April 17, 2011

Highland Heritage 5k

The first of two April 5k's down! I wasn't brave enough to ask a stranger to take a picture of me at the end of the race so I waited till I got home to pick up the kids from Nancy's house for my after race photo.  It was a great race.  The first like 3/4 of a mile was UPHILL but after that it was pretty smooth sailing.  My finish time was 43:55 with a 14:08 pace.  Pretty good considering the UPHILL portion was so huge! Beautiful morning for a race.  It is a bit weird though going to, running and going home from a race alone.  I am hoping I'll get some buddies to run with me in the future.  Next up:  DCEF Fittin' it in 5k.  8:00 a.m. start time, Saturday, April 30.  If anyone wants to join me to run, meet me at the finish, whatever.  Come over to Highlands Ranch High School! 

Doesn't Ethan look happy to see me?

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Traci Thiel said...

Way to go Katie! I would run with you if I were in your area!