Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh a hiking we will go!

Recently I joined a Moms Group called Active Mamas and Moms to be.  I got to meet 4 lovely ladies and their kids and they are all quite nice.  One of them was one of my Prenatal Yoga instructors! My first adventure with them was this morning for a hike in South Valley Park.

Ethan seemed to enjoy it and we talked about the rocks and what they looked like.  There were dogs, turds (that was my idea), birds, funny faces and more.  We found out why they recommend the baby is buckled at all times when in the carseat though.  I was having Ethan push Cora in the stroller while I put on the Ergo to nurse her while we were hiking.  The stroller isn't tracking straight and pulls to the right.  It pulled itself up onto a ledge and the stroller tipped right over! Luckily Cora was all strapped in and the carseat was all strapped into the BOB...I can't think of what could've happened.

Ethan took one digger and it wasn't bad, just the teensieist scrape on his knee.  Which we of course had to get a band aid out for :)

It was a gorgeous day for our first adventure! I am excited to do much more hiking and really take advantage of our surroundings.  Working toward our goal of being an active family.

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