Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Denver Bike to Work Day 2008

So Katie has been on me about posting on our family Blog for sometime. So here at long last is your first glimpse into my mind instead of always seeing things from Katie's Point of view. I apologize this one won't be the most interesting post on this blog.

Today is Denver's Bike to work day, I had made up my mind over a month ago that I was going to ride the whole way from our house in Highlands Ranch to my office in Golden, a 30 mile drive. Well as the fateful day drew near I chickened out and decided that I would ride about half of it today. So I loaded my bike and my gear up into the van and drove to Morrison and rode the last leg of the journey to the office. The ride ended up being about 13 miles and I did it in just under an hour. I actually enjoyed myself and think that I will continue to do this on a regular basis. I think that I will work on adding more distance each time until I can do the whole ride. Sorry no pictures of me riding on pavement, boring.

Standing on Mary's Loop in Fruita, CO. 'Yes that is
a Cliff you see the trail skirted the cliffs for miles
it was great fun and awesome scenery.

To be honest rode riding is not really my thing. My true love is riding single tracks and getting that adrenaline rush of 'living on the edge'. However riding my bike to work was a great way to start my day and will be great saddle training for our big ride later this summer when we plan to ride the Colorado Trail from Kenosha pass to Denver, about 70 miles of mostly single track. We plan to make the ride over two days bike camping somewhere along the trail. It should be great. If you see me walking kind of funny sometime in August, don't worry I didn't go to the 'Dark Side' I am just a little saddle sore from pounding out 70 miles of trail with a pack on my back. That is all for now.

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Katie said...

Love it! Thanks Josh! You'll work up to the 30 mile ride soon I'm sure. Just set your stubborn mind to it and you do anything!