Monday, June 23, 2008

Father's Day

Our friend (and neighbor), Misty, had an itching to cook and invited us all over for a pre-Father's Day BBQ.

Now, Misty didn't like the idea of me taking this because she knew where it would end up. Little did she know....

She prepared pork tenderloin and ribs with two different kinds of sauce, 7 layer dip and everyone else brought something to share. YUM!

Mikki had a great idea with cupcakes. She brought dishes of candy for the kids to decorate their own cupcakes and to go with those yummy cupcakes? Derek made some home made vanilla ice cream. Delicious! Drew, Megan, Ryan and Seth....maybe Ethan....I always get them mixed up! Are seen here making a delicious cupcake of their own. Drew is mostly grabbing fistfuls of toppings and shoving them into his mouth. Tasty!

Here is Jenny, enjoying an oh so yummy cupcake! Sorry Jenny, it was the best pic of the cupcakes!

There were margaritas, tequila shots, beer and wine brimming from everyone's glasses.

Drew, helping Paula with some ice for her wine. What a helper!

Here is Bob, Misty's husband, enjoying a Father's Day Fat Tire.....

All the Dads having a shot of Tequila. This has become a bit of a tradition with our group.

(I didn't drink as I was still recovering from Nancy's girls night!)

Everyone was enjoying their drinks, food, kids playing when I showed up with Josh's Nerf gun to "cause confusion and delay" as quoted by Josh from Thomas and Friends.

Soon after, Ken came back fully armed with his Nerf guns and the kids had a great time shooting each other!

So did the adults!
Here is Derek, in his "party socks" getting nailed with Nerf bullets. It was an annihilation!

Later in the evening, there were a few games of pool, I'm sure it was a great shot Kristine!

....little did she know I'd put it on TWICE! I love ya, Misty!

I just hope they didn't drain all the money from Drew's piggy bank, he's pretty new at pool. Poor kid, I hope they let him win one or two just to keep his spirits up.

There was also some Wii fun and a play put on by some of the older kids. Lauren and Gabby love to put on a performance when we all get together.

The Cast: Lauren, Gabby, Ben, Megan and Alexis

This one was a bit interesting though because an owl killed and ate Daddy Bunny. Yikes! Run Daddy, RUN!!

Mom's reactions to the killing of Daddy Bunny....

But, we got to watch the baby bunnies grow up into a G-bunny boy and a hippie bunny girl.

One great highlight of the evening was Misty yelling from the bathroom to Bob in desperate need of some toilet paper.

I tried to get a shot of her reaching for the new roll but I was unsuccessful. Drat.

Eventually, people started taking their little ones home for bed and the evening came to a slow roll.

Stick a fork in her, she's done. Lauren is ready for bed!

Misty and Bob always do such a great job when hosting a party. Thanks so much for the free food and drinks (wink, wink, Misty)!

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Oliver and Keisha said...

SOunds like a fun party--and we love the nerf guns in our home. Oliver actually bought a few for his office and they run around the office shooting eachother. They are super fun!