Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fresh From The Groomer

Jango had his first grooming appointment today. I wish I had taken some pictures of him right before. He was in bad need of a bath, paw trim, potty area trim, the whole 9 yards. Now he is clean, fluffy, smells good and is neatly trimmed.

What a looker! They put a really cute bandanna around his neck but saw it more as a chew toy than a fashion accessory so I'm wearing it as a do-rag. Ethan thought that one up, "Mommy wear it?". Yea, thanks kid.

The groomer is quite strange. I was warned that they are a breed unto their own but I just wasn't prepared. I don't even know how to describe the guy but he was good and really great with Jango so we will be using him again. He also seems to think Jango is going to be about the size of a Collie but I don't think so. I just saw a 3 year old Collie yesterday and he's no where near that size!

His ears are so stinkin' cute! You can never guess which one will pop up or flop down. Love it!


Oliver and Keisha said...

Hey Katie--you should've let me know you started a blogspot. They are fun--funner in different ways than facebook. I can't believe you have 2 cats--it's just funny. All that crap we gave my mom . . . Although, we are at the point, where we are thinking about getting one, too (for Aubrey, who loves animals) You guys look great! I wish I had some of your green thumb--we are in need of some sprucing up at our house, but I just don't know anything about it--and it's a lot of work.
Well, I'm excited to see what else is going on in the future.

nichole said...

yay! jango looks so cute and fluffy. how can you not want to pet-pet him every second. welcome to bloggy goodness!