Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

This is one of the coolest Zoos I've ever been to! It is just outside of Colorado Springs, CO which is about an hour south of where we live. We went on a cold day which wasn't good, we were frozen before we saw all the cool stuff there. But, at the entrance, you get to feed the Giraffes! They have a walkway build high enough for you to be at eye level with these cuties and feed them biscuits. We spent a good 1/2 hour here just watching, petting and feeding them. It was so cool to watch all the kids with the Giraffes. It is amazing how different their spots are when you get the chance to see so many so close.

Their tongues are so long, black and flexible! They can wrap it around anything they want!

It was pretty hard to top the Giraffes but the kids seemed to have a great time exploring the rest of the zoo. There were the zoo standards; monkeys, elephants. But they also had Wallabys (mini kangaroo looking things),

Mountain Lions, Meerkats, a working Bee Hive (in glass so you could see them at work) and the exhibits were done so that you could get up close to the animals. They were behind thick glass in large enclosures so you could only get close if they decided to come show off! That was another cool thing, their enclosures were so large and natural looking I almost didn't feel bad for them. Usually at Zoos, I feel kind of bad looking at the animals in cages. Not so much this time.

The next cool thing was the birds. We got to go into the Lorikeet enclosure and feed them. The other two Moms I was with, had at least one bird on her at all times eating off her popcicle
stick with seeds stuck on it. Ethan didn't really get much enjoyment out of it because he just wanted to run and scare all the birds. We left rather quickly.

Our next stop was a kids area. They had a petting zoo with goats. Ethan took a minute to check these guys out and try his hardest to wake the poor guy up from his nap.

There were chickens running amuck. Amuck, amuck, amuck! And it was themed as a garden where all the things around us were over-sized (rocking chairs, hoses, pots, etc.) and the kids could run and play. Down lower was another playground with stuff to climb on, under, through.

So this time, the kids ran amuck! Amuck! Amuck! We had lunch and rode the carosel.

We tried to hold out a little longer in the cold but we only saw one more exhibit on our way out. The Mountain Goats.

We took a moment to snap a group shot of all the kids: (left to right) Dylan, Ben, Lauren, Megan, Gabby and Ethan down front. These are some of our neighborhood kids that Ethan hangs with. We've all gotten to be really great friends which I think is what makes us really love where we live.

By now, everyone was frozen and not wanting to see anything else so we headed home. I expected Ethan to fall asleep on the ride home. He didn't. All the other kids did. Oh well, I guess that's what I get for expecting something from my 2 year old.

We will go back, when it isn't so cold.

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nichole said...

Look at those rosy cheeks! Seems like everyone had a great time.