Monday, June 2, 2008

A full day's work

I've been working away on this bed for about a week now and it took all day Sunday to get it finished! Well, most of the day. We got some Burning Bushes at Lowe's for $5 each and planted 4 of them, 2 on this side with some Lilly and Mums that were already in the yard.

We also moved our Weeping Spruce from the corner by the stairs to a more showy spot on the outside corner. All we've got left is to move some mulch from the back beds to the front.

I'm hoping the Burning Bushes will grow up and cover the water spout and sprinkler box and give me some of that beautiful "fire" in the fall!

This is the center of the bed with some Shasta Daisy, 2 Potentilla Bushes that were here when we bought the house. I put in the Pink Dianthas (sp?) and another Burning Bush in the back where the Weeping Spruce was. More of the Mums that were here fill in a bit. That is what is really sweet about this whole project, we only bought 7 plants! The rest we just divided what was already here!

Finally, the other side of the bed...
Lavender I planted two years ago, Lily that was already here and one more Burning Bush so people stop walking through the bed to get to the yard!

I can't wait to see this all grow up and fill in! I hope it is all worth the brilliant sunburn I got. I suppose I was just too distracted trying to get all the work done once and for all.

Josh and I were both spent by the time we got it all finished too. We went to a local park with some friends, played Bocce Ball and watched the kids run and play in the water. Then, early bed time!

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