Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mountain Biking

So, a few of us have taken to riding mountain bikes in the area. The ladies generally go together and the guys go together. It is pretty much Jenny, Misty and Myself when we ride. Jenny and Misty are seen above getting geared up for our ride. I haven't been out very many times but I really enjoy it! I am a big fan of the downhill and I didn't really expect that...I thought I'd be scared out of my gourd!

It's a really good thing Jenny has a sense of humor because if she didn't, I'd feel bad about posting this picture! She was having issues with her bike skirt....thankfully it all got worked out. This trail can be pretty busy, there are lots of hikers and bikers out we should've gone earlier and the crowds would've been smaller.

The uphill on this trail really sucked for me. I must admit, I haven't worked out much for the last two months or so though. Luckily, Misty was "suckin' wind" too (as she says). So, we hung back and let the "Energizer Bunny" (Jenny pictured above) blaze the trail for us. The nice thing about going slow and taking breaks is you get to really check out the hot trail runners, bikers out there and most of them feel bad they are passing you so they say something nice to help boost your confidence! But, really all it does is make you feel a bit foolish.

At least this trail had some really nice shade. Because there was quite a lot of technical stuff where we had to hike our bikes over some rocks. The nice thing is we didn't see one hot-shot guy make it over the spots we hiked our bikes either!

This is where we turned around because it was looking like the rest of the trail was going to be very rocky!

Our next ride was not as long but much more eventful. We went out to Three Sisters and less than 2 miles into the uphill, one of the other ladies (Kim I.) fell a water bar, hit her arm and dislocated her elbow. That was interesting. We waited for a few minutes determining if she could walk herself or if we should be going for help. Paula and I rode back down the trail towards a near by fire station for help. We never got to the fire station but we did get help. 8 emergency vehicles including a brush rig and an ambulance responded and filled the little parking lot up with sirens blaring!

Aaahh, thank goodness for the Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department! These guys came out in their sweats on a Sunday morning to rescue Kim! You should've seen how many people there were! Paula and I got to ride in a Porche Cayanne which was super sweet!

Yesterday, Misty and Jenny went out for a ride and were .66 miles into it when Misty fell on a stump and developed a 3rd butt cheek. Long story but she is on blood thinners which causes her to bruise easily and profusely! It isn't very attractive but she's healing up. I'm thinking a break from riding might be in order until our Fruita trip!

There have been so many accidents this season I am getting nervous that I'm next! First, Josh wrecked and cut up his leg, then our friend Dave wrecked on his face....full of was nasty! Another guy dislocated his shoulder, so much carniage! Wish me luck for the next time I venture out onto two wheels. I'll need it.

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Josh said...

Very cool keep them coming. Maybe an Ethan update would be a cool subject for the next one.