Monday, March 30, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens 3-D

Yea, we don't have the extra $$ to do it but we did it. What difference is $23 going to make in the long run anyway?? We went to a matinee showing on Sunday morning at 10:50. It was packed! Sold out show.

The sweet girl selling tickets let Ethan in for free even though 2 and under is free (he's 3). Cha ching! Saved like $6 right there! Then, I carried my "movie purse". Room enough in there for like 6 4T diapers PLUS a full package of wipes and much, much more. So, I brought in 2 cans of Diet Coke (my drug of choice) cha ching! Saved like $5 right there! Josh and Ethan shared a Sprite purchased at the theater and we all shared a popcorn. A large sprite and large popcorn cost us $11!!! Almost as much as our tickets. Sheese.

Josh and I liked the movie. Very well done and there was just the right amount of humor for adults in it as well. My favorite was B.O.B.

Ethan? On our way home from the theater this is what he said: "Monsters Aliens. Humm.... I yike (like) that one." He didn't keep his 3-D glasses on for most of the movie but he still enjoyed it. We even got free temporary tatoos I haven't given to Ethan yet. He will flip!

There ya have it folks, Monsters vs Aliens 3-D. 5 stars from the Barcklay Family.

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