Sunday, March 29, 2009

A quick and dirty update

Well, it has been eons since I last updated and my one of my last posts is certainly a downer. Hopefully this one will give you all a better look at how things have been as of late.

We are growing closer as a family and enjoying all the time we are spending together. I think being thankful for the things we DO have has helped us gain a little (ok, a lot of) perspective. Josh is still unemployed except a part time dish washing job (which he claims not to count as a job) to supplement his unemployment benefits. He is much more positive and open with me about his job search, our relationship and our future. We want to thank all of you out there who have sent positive thoughts, said prayers, and helped us in our time of need. Even if we aren't talking often or seeing each other regularly, we know you are there for us and you should know we love you all.

I have begun an Arbonne business that is beginning to take off. Reaching the first step into management, District Manager in my first month!! Here's something Josh has said recently about me. "As long as I've known her, she hasn't known what she really wanted to do or be. Now she knows." Arbonne really is what I want to do. Teaching people about healthy skincare and wellness is fulfilling. I am taking this business very seriously, it is very important to me and I am determined to excel at it. Network marketing sure has it's challenges but that is one reason I started the business. I need to be a bit further out of my comfort zone in some aspects of my life. I push those boundaries daily and learn how to push them farther the next. Thank you to all those of you who have supported me in my business thus far and to those of you who have not yet but will! Old Navy is also a thing of my past. I have started a new part time job cleaning houses for a company called Posh Maids. Being alone with my thoughts is a great bonus of this job!

Ethan is in pre-school two days a week and loves it! Originally it was three days a week but due to our financial situation, we knocked it down to two. Hopefully we won't have to cut it out entirely. He was pretty upset by it in the beginning. Screaming, kicking, yelling, crying every time he was dropped off. Now, he barely notices we leave the room. He is making friends and having a great time. School has become something he looks forward to and talks about on a daily basis. Especially show and tell and his friends!

Here is our big boy ready for his first day of school. Believe me, he didn't look like this when we dropped him I said, screaming and crying. Below is a picture of what happens when I want to "blend the back" on the first haircut I've given him. It WAS beautiful, then I...well, you get the picture. He's cute no matter what though.

Potty training is also nearly complete!!! He is still using pull-ups at nap and bedtime and has the occasional accident when distracted by play and fun. Well, let's be honest here...sometimes he just plain doesn't want to do it! A TOTAL control thing with him. We are learning how to deal (or not deal) with it! I cannot believe how much he changes and grows every day. Amazing is likely the word I should use when describing him.

Here is Ethan with one of his favorite activities, reading. In this case naked, sitting on the potty with Daddy in the tub!

Josh and I have taken advantage of Ethan being in school. We have completed a number of the "annoying" house projects and others that have been on our list for quite sometime. Finishing painting we started 2 years ago, like the wall in our bedroom. Touching up paint so that we can FINALLY install trim we took out to put in our floors. The list goes on. In addition to the obvious, looking for and working our jobs.

I've had a bit of fun with birthdays in our circle of friends in our neighborhood. First, it was Ethan's cake, then Cameron's, then Gabby's. Sorry, Dilyan (sp?) and Lauren, your birthdays came before Ethan's and you didn't know my mad cake decorating skillz! Catch yours next year! You'll see Ethan's in his birthday post but he wanted Lightening McQueen from the Cars movie. Ask and ye shall receive! Cameron wanted an ARMY man cake. I couldn't think of a cool way to do just a man so we made it a battlefield! When I say we, Josh had fun decorating this cake with me.

Ethan with one of his best buds, Cameron. They share a birthday which isn't the only bond these two beautiful boys share.

Now, this cake made me cry several different times. Firstly, my first one fell for some unexplained reason. Secondly, my SECOND (yes, I baked ANOTHER cake from scratch) cake fell for unexplained reasons. Thirdly, the look and excitement of Cameron when he saw the cake. Priceless.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my camera to take pictures of the super cute Puppy Dog cake I baked for Gabby. It was adorable though. A white cake, Puppy Dog was white with different colored spots.

P.S. for all my friends and family who bake, my neighbors (when am I just going to call them friends.....) think I possess some magical power that enables me to bake a cake (bread, cake, whatever) from scratch. I think it's wonderful and I soak in the compliments when they give them to me. Little do they know, they too could follow a recipe!

So, that's about it in a nutshell. We are doing pretty good, considering. Bonding and spending lots of time with our friends (neighbors) helps take our minds off all the yuck for a bit.

Our love to you all.

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