Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Inspired by Melanie's Success

Ok. I've been inspired by my good friend Melanie to start running. She started several months ago and has since lost 30lbs! GO MELANIE!!

Tomorrow morning when Josh gets home I will begin (again and in earnest this time) the Couch to 5k program. I have been wanting to get into shape since before I got pregnant with Ethan. There have been bouts of working out and I've dropped about 41 lbs since having him but that's been 3 1/2 years! So, it's time to get in gear and really commit.

I have yet to work out the details of when I'll be able to go for a run but I am hoping for each morning when Josh gets home from work. If not then, I'll go in the evening before he leaves for work.

My starting weight is 207lbs and a size 16/18/20 (you ladies know how that goes). My starting goal is to lose 5lbs by 10/10/09 and to quit smoking by then as well. How I will achieve this is by controlling the types of food I eat and running. Here is a photo of me RIGHT NOW:

The benefits I will achieve are:
1) More energy
2) Better fitting clothes
3) Happier disposition
4) Shrinking waistline
5) Many, many others

Our checkbook will thank me for this as I've been eating fast food a few times a week even though we can't afford it! Jango will also thank me as he will be getting out and active! Josh will thank me because I will quit smoking and usually when I work out regularly my sex drive increases!

I have posted a link on the side of my blog where I will keep track of my running progress. This will help hold me accountable as well as let you guys know where I am at. There will also be updates here, on Facebook and MyFamily.

Thanks, Mel, for the inspiration. You are lookin' good, keep it up!

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