Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Halloween Craft

We were checking out Michaels Crafts for cheap stickers for Ethan's "Helper Chart" at home.  We didn't find any stickers he wanted but a Wilton Halloween Gingerbread House was on sale so we picked that up to do Saturday.
Ethan and the House.
The house and the yard.
Side of the house.  
Spider web on the back of the house.
The black blob on the house was my attempt at a bat for Ethan.  Sorry, bud.
Our Juggling Ghost.
The sprinkles stuck in the gutter after the sprinkle storm.
Admittedly, I didn't make the icing quite right.  The orange was a bit too runny, as was the black but we had fun.  I do wish I had more varieties of candy on hand though.  We ran out quickly.  PLENTY of icing though!

We can't wait for our annual Christmas Gingerbread House making this year!

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