Friday, September 10, 2010

Her name is Janome.....

.....and I love her.
I want to thank Josh for getting me this little beauty Christmas of 2005.  I've made so many different things with her help.  From bean bags to totes.  Baby blankets to burp cloths.  Parts of Halloween costumes to aprons.  
Some highlights......

Re useable baby wipes made only days ago.
Ethan's baby blanket.
A book bag for Ethan (it was stolen but I still loved it!).
Here is a very "cool"/adult version of Woody to go with Ethan's Buzz Lightyear Costume.  (I made the vest)
Birthday gift for one of the neighborhood girls.  
Ethan's apron (which he now refuses to wear).
One of the many baby blankets I've made.  This is one of two for my little sister's twin boys.
There have been many other projects made and attempted with my lovely machine.  Here's to many more.  Like.....
....many more re useable baby wipes!

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Jessica said...

Love the reusable baby wipes. They look simple enough. I hope to get to the car seat cover soon.