Saturday, February 12, 2011

Orange You Glad.... napped for a good long stretch, Cora? Mommy was able to search for, find, plan out, sew AND blog about this cute little dress all before you woke up!

I found a free tutorial for how to change a boring Onesie into a cute Onesie Dress.  I knew I HAD to try it! This was the tutorial that inspired me:  The Skirted Onesie thanks 2Giggleboxes!

We have had this onesie since Ethan was born and both kids have worn it.  I have also had this orange camo print (we love camo, right Mom?) fabric since BEFORE Ethan was born.  I bought a little for a blanket for him and Josh loved it so much he asked me to go buy more.

I have loads of scrap fabric downstairs and even parts of projects that didn't work out.  Like the bottom of this skirt - from a baby blankie I dreamed up but couldn't make work.  Just goes to show ya, don't throw that stuff away!

I have several more of these little babies all lined up ready to put together, I can't wait to try it on Cora but...she is STILL napping! It's gonna be so dang cute....I'll post those pics later.

Sorry this is upside was right side up!
Told ja it was gonna be so dang cute!


Jessica said...

It is super cute. But I want to know how long this nap of Cora's was?!

Katie said...

mmm.....I am guessing 2 hours. maybe a bit more. She loves sleep just like Me!