Friday, May 27, 2011

5 Months Old Already?!!??

So happy to be 5 months old!
Yes! Cora Jade turned 5 months old two days ago.  I know, right?! I can't believe it either!

She's not so newborn-ie anymore.  She's moved up into a size 2 diaper (when she wears disposables), she is grabbing at things, trying to sit up, "talking" up a storm (mostly when she's getting tired or frustrated), sleeping longer for naps (when she takes them) and generally growing like crazy!

Here's a video we took while at Amanda's house.  Trystam loves Cora and loves to entertain her....he does a pretty great job!

We are moving into a new phase in our girlie-ness too.  HAIRBOWS! She doesn't have quite enough hair to wear them yet but I've been having fun creating them! And dressing her in too cute outfits.  I am gonna LOVE having a little dress up doll  girl! 

Ethan asked, "Can I be in her Happy Birthday picture too, Mama?"  

You ought to see her face light up when she sees her brother! Nothing more precious in the world.  I have yet to capture it on "film" but we will.  She loves him.  And her loves her.  Every time someone notices Cora or compliments her and he is within ear shot he is by her in a flash kissing on her or giving her love in some way.  He can almost always make her smile.  

He loves to snuggle and hold "Sister".

I forgot to mention in the first paragraph how much she loves chewing on her hands right now.  SOOO much.  She's also started to do this really cute thing when she's falling asleep of taking her lovie Great Grandma Barbie got her and rubbing in on her face.  So cute!

Here she is "talking" before falling asleep and chewing on her hand.  She also seems to have mastered rolling over! Yea!

Video heavy post but I am a proud mama! 

I can't believe how quickly she is growing and how much more I love her every day.  Love you, Cora!

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