Friday, May 27, 2011

Panther Prowl 5k

Yea, was like 2 weeks ago....I'm a bit behind the times but here it is, the post about my most recent 5k.

My friend Amanda told me about this one after I signed up for the DCSD Fittin' It In 5k and said her son, Trystam might want to do it too.  Turns out he did so I had my first running date.  Yep, a running date with a 10 year old boy....gotta take what you can get ;)

Trystam and I before the race.  I later found out he wasn't feeling well that morning.  Poor guy.
For several weeks before the race I teased Trystam that he better not beat me or out run me.  He takes it pretty good but sometimes I wonder if he thought I was being serious :)

Here we all are before the race.  Me, Josh, Ethan, Cora and Trystam.  It was COLD!
We started in a pack and of course everyone got spread out but before we knew it most of the crowd was in front of us and I thought Trystam was going to get discouraged but he kept right along with me not worrying about everyone else.  I think he could've run a MUCH faster race had he not stayed with me.  He's a very sweet kid.
Trystam and I running on the path behind our houses.  
As we ran past the back of Trystam's house his Dad and little brother Tavin were out cheering us on with signs.  So awesome to have friends like them and Paula and Dave out cheering us on!

I was pretty impressed with how many kids participated in the 5k.  They all did great! After our start, they did a 1 mile Fun Run that Josh and Ethan ran with Cora.


Josh said Ethan ran pretty much the whole mile and did great!

Yea buddy! First finish line of many, I'm sure.  So proud!
I am still in the process with my running.  I do a "wog".  Jog, walk, jog, walk, etc.  I set little goals for myself along the course like, when I get to that tree I can walk or I'll get to that tree and try to keep going but it's ok if I walk. I explained to Trystam that I was trying to push myself to run more, walk less so he would have me push a little past a goal or jog a little earlier than I said.  He was a great running partner.  As we were coming into the last mile I told him I wanted to be able to run across the finish so we walked for a long time then ran it in.  He finished with gusto sprinting across the line!

Near the end I was spent.  Josh came to run me in the last I don't know, 100 yards maybe....I suck at judging distances and kept telling me "You got this, you're doing great, good job".  He helped me finish strong.

 In the end I shaved about 1 minute off my "normal" 5k pace so it's no wonder I was spent at the finish! Thanks to my "date" Trystam who helped push me and shave that minute off! Wanna be my running "date" again Trystam? :)

After enjoying our post race snacks.

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