Friday, July 22, 2011

6 Months Old....almost a month ago. Oops.

Cora has mastered some new stuff this month...sitting up unaided, rolling front to back and back to front, jumping in her bouncy.  Cora is still such an easy baby.  She does seem to prefer her crib for naps but will take one on the run in a pinch.  She is quick with a smile and even when she's fussing many would think she's just talking and not realize she's getting spun up.  Monday she can look like me and Tuesday she looks so much like Josh it's crazy.

These pictures were taken on a recent outing to the river near Deckers, CO for some floating with our friends.  It was such a great day out of the Ranch just hangin out.

I can't recall her "stats" from her 6 month check up but I think she is somewhere near the 50th percentile for weight and 15th percentile for height.  She is growing well and is generally very happy.  We are on the go quite a lot and she keeps a pretty happy disposition.  Happy to be in the Moby if she isn't happy in the carseat.  She's a real trooper during my Stroller Strides class.  Getting bounced around and jostled in the BOB while we run, lunge, jump and squat our way around the park.

We are loving being a family of 4.  Ethan loves his little sister and will sit with her for quite a while trying to keep her happy so that I can get something done.  Josh is such a great Dad and loves Cora to bits.  Me? Well....I'm so fortunate to be able to stay home with her (and Ethan) I could just spit!  Sure, there are hard days (especially with Josh away so often) and on those days I have to stop and think about  what we have and what I am able to do.  I couldn't be happier as a Mom.  

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