Sunday, July 24, 2011

Running in the Rain

We get a monsoon season here in Colorado.  For a week or so we have at least one daily thunderstorm.  Sometimes more.  I'm not talking your run of the mill thunderstorm but a HUGE thunderstorm.  Torrential downpour, thunder that shakes buildings, flash flood warnings, lightening so intense and frequent the sky is lit for what seems like hours.  AWESOME (for those of us who enjoy such an impressive release by nature)! Then, the sun comes out and it's gorgeous.

On one such evening I asked Ethan to come out on the porch with me to watch the storm and he reluctantly said yes.  Once the thunder and lightening passed (it was still raining but sunny) he wanted to go splash around in the very full gutters.  With in minutes he was drenched but he had a blast! As did I.  Watching my son remembering having fun as a kid doing the very same thing.  (ok, so the last time I did it was like two summers ago...)

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