Friday, July 22, 2011

Ethan's Surgery

Snoring, mouth breathing, loads of cavities and bad teeth, change in behavior, (among other things) were our "red flags".  Of course I took these "symptoms" and googled them to see what was wrong with Ethan.  I do that with EVERYTHING just ask Josh.  After researching it a bit on my own, I came to the conclusion we need to see an ENT to see if he is having issues with his tonsils.  We talked to our Pediatrician who agreed and suggested Children's Hospital ENT department.  We saw a NP who confirmed what I was thinking "My those are big tonsils. They almost completely occlude his throat." and asked the Doc to come in and have a look for his quick opinion.  "Oh yea.  Those are large tonsils." Almost the only thing he said but he also told us given his history, the look of his tonsils and turbinates that he recommended surgery.

Josh and I talked it over quickly and decided to go with it.  We tried to schedule a time when Josh would be home so that I wouldn't have to fly solo but it didn't work out.  A few days before his surgery Ethan and I went to the store to pick up anything he thought would sound good after surgery.  Popcicles, pudding, jello, Gatorade, etc.  As we checked out he told the clerk, "I get to have all this sugar cause I'm gonna have surgery!".  So funny!

I didn't have to fly solo the day of the surgery though.  A great friend and neighbor, Amanda came along with us to Children's Hospital to take care of Cora while I took care of Ethan.  The doctor removed his tonsils, adenoids and reduced his turbinates.

Pre surgery.  Dressed in the hospital wardrobe with Snoopy.  
I was taking Ethan into the operating room so they had me dress in a big blue jumpsuit with a hair net.   Amanda got one for Cora too!
I know, dead sexy.
It was weird to see my little boy go "under" and leave the room where I knew he was going to be operated on.  Luckily the surgery was fast and everything went smoothly.  The hardest part was watching him come out of anesthesia.  His eyes weren't focusing, he was in and out of sleep, groggy, in pain, swollen, blood coming from his nose.  Ugh it was awful.  We got through it though and he did so awesome.  

Leaving the hospital a few hours later...
After care at home was pretty easy.  He did have pain that needed to be managed with Lortab round the clock for the first day or two.  At first he didn't want to take it because it tasted "yucky" and wanted plain Tylenol.  A few days in and he was asking for the "yucky" stuff but didn't seem to be in pain that couldn't be managed with Tylenol.  That's when I knew I needed to cut him off! Never thought I'd see my kid asking for medication!

Notice where Jango is...

He kept creeping closer and closer to Ethan.  Amazing what sensitive animals they are...

We also got Ethan a Nintendo DSi XL (yes, I have to type it all because that is what Ethan calls it.  He corrects me if I just say DS) for after his surgery.  It really helped to distract him from his pain and put a smile on his face for the car ride home from Children's.

He was breathing better the night of the surgery and no more snoring! He doesn't breathe through his mouth like he did and the attention issues seem to be easing.  All in all it went very smoothly.

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Jessica said...

I've had a few friends with kiddos who have had that surgery and have praised it, by how much it has helped. Glad things went so well!