Sunday, July 10, 2011

Parenting Fit Generation 5k

I got in a 5k in June.  The Parenting Fit Generation 5k.  A great race held in Greenwood Village (just north of us here).  The pre/post race festivities were very fun.  They had a raffle for awesome jogging strollers, basketball games and tumbling for the kids, food, sand art....all sorts of stuff!

Ethan even got in on the fun! He had his tonsils out about a week prior so I wasn't sure he would want to participate in the Kids Fun Run but he did (after saying "Yes," then "No, I changed my mind" about a dozen times).  We just went with the flow and let him make up his own mind.  

It was complete chaos! They had the kids taking off from the 5k Start/Finish line where there were still people trying to finish the 5k, they wanted the kids divided into age groups but over the loudspeaker just told the kids to head to the start....but it was SOOO neat to watch all these kids running and having fun!

Notice all the kids's bib numbers are #1! And they all got a First Place ribbon and race T-shirt.

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