Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Version of The Kid Wash

Well, I can't seem to remember the blog I first saw this on.  Evidently it was featured in a magazine, here.  As soon as I saw it I knew we had to try it!

Pretty simple really.  Josh, Ethan and I threw it together in less than an hour.  We had sprinkler parts laying around that we used but you could just drill holes in the pvc and be done with it.

Add kids, sit back and enjoy! Some rode their bikes through, Ethan rode is scooter through but eventually everyone (including me) was on foot.

After playing for a bit we tweaked it, drilling one or two holes here and there.  The kids in the neighborhood found interesting ways to have fun.  ie: filling their mouths with water and spitting it on each other.  Nice.

Best thing though? When they thought to combine it with a Slip 'n Slide! They call it "the Ultimate Slip 'n Slide".  It has provided us with several days of fun already and I'm sure we will be getting it out more this summer.

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Tiff said...

That's awesome! I saw that on a blog too, I love genius people that share their ideas!