Saturday, June 7, 2008

2 years, 3 months, 26 days and 26 minutes Old..... about how old Ethan is.

Before he could crawl people would say, "Oh, look how he just takes it all in, just watching everything." or, "Look how he just sits so peacefully". How I long for those days again! Now, he is into everything and every time I turn around, he's 1/2 way down the block! It started off innocently, we turn our backs for a moment and he was in the tupperware drawer emptying the contents for the 100th time that day (why did we keep putting it away? Who knows.). Or, upstairs in the shredder trash can.....

oh yea, and he eats EVERYTHING or at least taste-tests everything. EVERYTHING.

But then, it got more serious. We'd go to the pool and he'd make a b-line for the water giving no thought to his safety. Or, crawling upstairs and being over confident in his ability to decend the stairs on his own. There are 3 sets of stairs in our house. One time I found him dunking both our cell phones in the toilet. Awesome. We wanted new phones anyway.

Once he started walking, he started hitting the hard stuff. Beer. Josh decided he should be able to celebrate his major achievement like a real man....

....and let him walk around with a beer bottle. No worries, I was there so he wasn't given alcohol! Who knows what Josh would've done if I wasn't there! Sure, it's cute and all but when you see your 1-ish year old like this, you don't really have to wonder why more Dads don't stay at home!

The computer is always a popular spot for him. The buttons, they cameras sit right there, pens, paper. The temptation is too much some times!

Often we are trying to take a group picture or have him stand in front of something or someone for a picture and he just doesn't have the patience to be tied up for all of 1 minute. Not even in front of a train! I had to hold him. We took 3 pictures and this is the best one we got!

So now, people say, "Oh honey, he is just a busy boy." Really?? Thanks. Yea, he can be exhausting. Recently he's begun taking off his diaper and running wild and free. Screaming with glee while Jango chases him. On this particular day, Josh gave him reward stickers for trying to use the Potty and he stuck them all over!

And now, he is getting into the terrible 2's. He doesn't want to listen, 1/3 of the day he is throwing some sort of tantrum, then he is in time out another 1/3 of the day. Of course I'm over exaggerating but, some days it doesn't feel like I'm stretching it too much!

I used to watch my sisters and friends with their 2 and 3 year olds and think, "My kids will never act like that". Well, You know how before you have kids you say things like that? Then you end up eating your words and going to those same people for tips on how they got through it! Just in the last week or so, he's really getting into it. Hitting when he doesn't get his way, talking back, screaming. The list goes on. I've been talking with our friends about how to deal with it and I think I'm getting some great advice. We'll give it a try and see.

Some friends are freaking me out though. They've told me 3 is worse than 2. Great! I am just hoping Misty was right that Ethan is a Terrible Two-er. She says some kids go through it at 2, some at 3. I sometimes wonder is this really MY child? Where did my sweet boy go? Yes, have you seen this child?

He usually comes back to me. Usually it's at night when all is quiet, after stories are read and he's laying in bed. He wants hugs, kisses, to rub noses. I stroke his face, he strokes mine. I say, "I love you, Ethan. Sweet dreams." and turn to leave. Then he says, "Wuv you, Mommy. Sweet wreams."

That. That is what it is all about.

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